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Link to this page. MLA Style "Gang. In YourDictionary. Informal to attack as a gang to arrange in a gang, or coordinated set. All rights reserved. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents. Informal A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis: The whole gang from the office went to a clambake. A group of laborers organized together on one job or under one foreperson: a railroad gang.

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A matched or coordinated set, as of tools: a gang of chisels. A pack of wolves or wild dogs. Verb third-person singular simple present gangs, present participle ganging, simple past and past participle ganged intransitive, chiefly UK dialectal, Northern England, Scotland To go ; walk ; proceed. Noun plural gangs now chiefly dialectal A going , journey ; a course , path , track. A number going in company ; a number of friends or persons associated for a particular purpose. Nearly every major city has seen gang violence at some point in its history.

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Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved March 31, San Antonio Police Department. Retrieved Category : Gangs. Hidden categories: CS1 errors: dates Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Page Talk. Gang membership is generally maintained by gangs as a lifetime commitment, reinforced through identification such as tattoos, and ensured through intimidation and coercion. Gang defectors are often subject to retaliation from the deserted gang. Many gangs, including foreign and transnational gangs, hold that the only way to leave the gang is through death.

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This is sometimes informally called the "morgue rule". Gang membership represents the phenomenon of a chronic group criminal spin ; accordingly, the criminality of members is greater when they belong to the gang than when they are not in the gang—either before or after being in the gang. In addition, when together, the gang criminality as a whole is greater than that of its members when they are alone. Some states have a formal process to establish that a person is a member of a gang, called validation. Once a person is validated as a gang member, the person is subject to increased sentences, harsher punishments such as solitary confinement and more restrictive parole rules.

To validate a person as a gang member, the officials generally must provide evidence of several factors, such as tattoos, photographs, admissions, clothing, etc. The legal requirements for validating a person are much lower than the requirements for convicting of a crime.

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Women associated with gangs but who lack membership are typically categorized based on their relation to gang members. A survey of Mexican American gang members and associates defined these categories as girlfriends, hoodrats, good girls, and relatives. Gang members may engage in casual sex with these girls, but they are not viewed as potential longterm partners and are severely stigmatized by both men and women in gang culture.

These are fluid categories, and women often change status as they move between them. Valdez found that women with ties to gang members are often used to hold illegal weapons and drugs, typically, because members believe the girls are less likely to be searched by police for such items. Gangs are involved in all areas of street-crime activities like extortion , drug trafficking, [13] both in and outside the prison system, and theft.

Gangs also victimize individuals by robbery and kidnapping. Often, gangs hire "lookouts" to warn members of upcoming law enforcement. The dense environments of favelas in Rio and public housing projects in Chicago have helped gang members hide from police easily. Street gangs take over territory or "turf" in a particular city and are often involved in " providing protection ", often a thin cover for extortion, as the "protection" is usually from the gang itself, or in other criminal activity.

Many gangs use fronts to demonstrate influence and gain revenue in a particular area. Gang violence refers mostly to the illegal and non-political acts of violence perpetrated by gangs against civilians, other gangs, law enforcement officers, firefighters, or military personnel. In , 58 percent of L.

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There have been reports of racially motivated attacks against African Americans. Gang-related activity and violence has increased along the U. Southwest border region, as US-based gangs act as enforcers for Mexican drug cartels.

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Women in gang culture are often in environments where sexual assault is common and considered to be a norm. A girl who becomes intoxicated and flirts with men is often seen as "asking for it" and is written off as a "hoe" by men and women.

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Usually, gangs have gained the most control in poorer, urban communities and developing countries in response to unemployment and other services. Ethnic solidarity is a common factor in gangs. Black and Hispanic gangs formed during the s in the USA often adapted nationalist rhetoric. Responding to an increasing black and Hispanic migration, a white gang formed called Chicago Gaylords.

Most gang members have identifying characteristics which are unique to their specific clique or gang. Any disrespect of a gang member's color by an unaffiliated individual is regarded as grounds for violent retaliation, often by multiple members of the offended gang. Tattoos are also common identifiers, [71] such as an '18' above the eyebrow to identify a member of the 18th Street gang.

Tattoos help a gang member gain respect within their group, and mark them as members for life. Tattoos can also represent the level they are in the gang, being that certain tattoos can mean they are a more accomplished member. The accomplishments can be related to doing an dangerous act that showed your loyalty to the gang.

They can be burned on as well as inked. Some gangs make use of more than one identifier, like the Nortenos , who wear red bandanas and have "14", "XIV", "x4", and "Norte" tattoos. Gangs often establish distinctive, characteristic identifiers including graffiti tags [73] colors , hand signals , clothing for example, the gangsta rap -type hoodies , jewelry, hair styles, fingernails, slogans, [74] signs such as the noose and the burning cross as the symbols of the Klan , [75] flags [76] secret greetings, slurs , or code words and other group-specific symbols associated with the gang's common beliefs, rituals , and mythologies to define and differentiate themselves from other groups and gangs.

As an alternative language, hand-signals, symbols, and slurs in speech, graffiti , print, music, or other mediums communicate specific informational cues used to threaten, disparage, taunt , harass , intimidate , alarm, influence, [78] or exact specific responses including obedience, submission, fear, or terror. One study focused on terrorism and symbols states that "[s]ymbolism is important because it plays a part in impelling the terrorist to act and then in defining the targets of their actions.

The Internet is one of the most significant media used by gangs to communicate in terms of the size of the audience they can reach with minimal effort and reduced risk.

Gangs use the Internet to communicate with each other, facilitate criminal activity, spread their message and culture around the nation [ which? As Internet pages like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook become more popular, law enforcement works to understand how to conduct investigations related to gang activity in an online environment. In most cases the police can and will get the information they need, however this requires police officers and federal agents to make formal legal requests for information in a timely manner, which typically requires a search warrant or subpoena to compel the service providers to supply the needed information.

A grand jury subpoena or administrative subpoena , court order, search warrant; or user consent is needed to get this information pursuant to the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, Title 18 U. Most gang members have personal web pages or some type of social networking internet account or chat room where they post photos and videos and talk openly about their gang exploits. The majority of the service providers that gang members use are free social networking sites that allow users to create their own profile pages, which can include lists of their favorite musicians, books and movies, photos of themselves and friends, and links to related web pages.