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Patriot: An Alex Hawke Novel
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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The book, like the movie it was based upon, is a travesty in historical terms. But while the movie was at least somewhat enjoyable despite its inaccuracies, the novelization cannot even bring that much. There is no attempt to take the characters to new levels, to make them believable.

Tavington is a monster bent on destroying everything he touches.

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Cornwallis is a stereotypical screeching aristocrat utterly undone by the wily common man. In addition, the scene of the Loyalist ball where Martin a The book, like the movie it was based upon, is a travesty in historical terms. In addition, the scene of the Loyalist ball where Martin and the Rebels blow up the ship, Cornwallis is portrayed as a lecherous boar using the loss of his dogs to try and seduce a woman. It doesn't take much research to know how devoted Cornwallis was to his wife, even after her death.

The Patriot

Actually, even putting this on a historical fiction bookshelf is a bit of a misnomer. It can barely be called historical at all. Sep 01, Samantha rated it really liked it. This book was written based on the film script. It isn't exactly the same and explores more, but I do like the film much better. Stephen Molstad is a talented writer and was kind enough to correspond with me when I was exploring the idea of becoming an author. He helped me build my writing style and gave me tips.

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For that, I am thankful. This book and its author will forever hold a special place in my heart. Dec 14, Sumit rated it did not like it. Patriot is one of my favorite movies and although I am not a big fan of books based on screenplay I decided to give this one a try. But clearly this book is not worth spending that much time. The book fails to capture attention of readers and loses track at some places. Overall not a good experience. Feb 18, Karen Letourneau rated it it was ok. In this case, the film, one of my favorite films of all time, was much better. Since the book is actually based on the screenplay, I guess it's not surprising.

Shelves: historical-biographies. I had seen the movie and enjoyed reading the adaptation to the movie. It was like watching The Patriot again.

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Very nice. Nov 25, Leigh rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , wartime-but-not-really-romance. I read this book because I was in loved with the movie. Janet rated it really liked it Nov 15, Ratrichibi rated it liked it Jul 12, Patti rated it liked it Apr 29, Nerissa rated it really liked it Jul 18, Tex rated it liked it Nov 24, Brea Batten rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Camille rated it liked it Apr 10, Regina Linton rated it really liked it Oct 19, Kithy rated it liked it Sep 28, Ltmack rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Puresia rated it really liked it Dec 13, Lindsay rated it liked it Aug 14, Tim Armstrong rated it liked it Jan 31, Erik Baker rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Syble Cranford rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Kathie rated it really liked it Jun 19, Rawan rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Brian rated it really liked it Feb 08, Scott French rated it really liked it Jan 01, Joelle rated it it was amazing Dec 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Kremlin scientists have developed a radical new weapon that could forever alter modern warfare.

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Spies are dying all over the world—from London, Washington, D. In the murky world of counterterrorism and high-stakes intrigue, the odds have never been higher. Once again, Alex Hawke must save the world. Thanks for signing up! We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities. Skip to content. Specialty Booksellers Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity.

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Readers who enjoy their spy fiction in which the world seems to be teetering on its axis have another author to add to their reading lists. Recommended for you. Warriors by Ted Bell. Overkill by Ted Bell. The Network by L. The Black Widow by Daniel Silva. The English Girl by Daniel Silva. Second Life by S.

Ripper by Isabel Allende.

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On its release day, October 4, , Survivors rose to 2 in Amazon's overall book sales ranks and 1 in their action-adventure category. On October 23, , it was listed at 3 in the New York Times bestseller list in the fiction hardback category. Rawles uses an unusual contemporaneous approach to writing sequels.

Patrioterna – The Patriots

The Patriot book. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers . In Tyranny's Fire A Hero Is Forged In Britain's American colonies, the. The Patriot [Stephen Molstad] on The Patriot Mass Market Paperback – May 30, by Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse.

Rather than the traditional formula of following the same group of characters farther into the future, he instead uses a novel sequence method that portrays different characters in different geographic regions, but in the same near-future timeframe as in Patriots. In his Introductory note to Survivors , Rawles stated: "Unlike most novel sequels, the storyline of Survivors is contemporaneous with the events described in my previously-published novel Patriots.

Thus, there is no need to read it first or subsequently , but you'll likely find it entertaining. The first of several translations of Survivors was released in May This was a Spanish edition, titled Supervivientes. The book peaked at 4 in Amazon's overall book sales ranks, on its release day. The book premiered on the New York Times Bestsellers list at 11, but dropped to 27 a week later.

Founders [14] was released on September 25, , by Atria Books.

In his brief review of Founders , Gregory Cowles of the influential The New York Times Book Review poked fun at the comma in Rawles's name, but granted: "Rawles is a well-known survivalist, and he's surely the only writer on this list whose fans frequently ask him how best to stockpile food it depends on which food or whether to favor bullets over gold during the total collapse of civilization "You can't defend yourself near as well with a Krugerrand".

It was written under contract for E. The book was released on October 1, The publisher's web page summarizes the storyline: "When the United States suffers a major socioeconomic collapse, a power vacuum sweeps the globe. No longer protected by American military interests, Australia must repel an invasion alone. The fourth and final sequel in the Patriots novel series is a page book entitled Liberators: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse. This sequel was written under contract for E. It is set primarily in the Bella Coola region of western Canada. Reviews of Liberators were also positive.

Publishers Weekly called Liberators the "rousing fifth after-the-apocalypse thriller [installment in the novel series]" and also mentioned that "Supporters of the 'prepper' movement…will lap up every detail. The novel premiered at 20 on the Publishers Weekly hardcover bestsellers list, reported on November 3, Rawles followed Patriots series with the Counter-Caliphate Chronicles novel series.

This science fiction novel is a geopolitical thriller that is a considerable departure from his previous Patriots thriller novel series. Set in the late s, Land of Promise fictionally describes the world under the economic and military domination of a Global Islamic Caliphate, brought about by a fictional new branch of Islam, called The Thirdists. It is the first release from Liberty Paradigm Publishing, a publishing venture launched by Rawles in partnership with his literary agent Robert Gottlieb of Trident Media Group.