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Luke Bryan's sweet embrace with his beautiful wife

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It's sure to earn you an embrace or two! I turned to the words "overwhelming" and "passion" the over-submerging or overturning, and passion from "pati" to suffer in Latin I settled on embracing the embrace - to hug life back And then I began to wonder; when did people first start talking about the "sweet embrace of death"?

Teleflora's Sweet Embrace Bouquet

Who was the first to write the phrase, or progenitor of "sweet embrace of death"? Any literary insight would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Google ngram shows "embrace of death" trending up during the start of the US Civil War, and peaking two years after, in Regardless, I couldn't find anything for the " sweet embrace of death". Whitman seems to be looking for the phrase "sweet embrace of death" Thank you. I was interested in figuring out at what time death became idealized in parts of culture or within English, because I'm sure there were plenty of ritualistic things in the distant past.

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I like to understand the causes of things. May I ask what the poem was?

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I'll probably like it if it's from the enlightenment period and has such a rejection of the embrace of death.