PINTEREST MARKETING: The Ultimate Guide (Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge Series)

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Resource Guide (89 Helpful Resources)
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However, a website can only serve its purpose when your target audience knows that it exists. It is not surprising that website owners and digital marketers continuously work hard to increase their website traffic. Search Engine Optimization SEO is one of the most effective ways of driving increased organic traffic to your website. You can also leverage paid search ads to drive website traffic from search engines. The rise of social media has opened a treasure trove of new avenues for increasing traffic.

Most of your potential customers already use one social media platform or the other. Once they are attracted to your social media profile, you can lure them further to visit your website. Likely, you are already using the most popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for this purpose.

To maximize website traffic, you need a well-rounded approach that focuses on all social media platforms, especially Pinterest. In recent years, Pinterest has emerged as a compelling platform for boosting website traffic. In this guide, we will discuss how to get traffic from Pinterest and elaborate on how you can optimize your profile to grow your audience.

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However, before we delve deeper into the technical bits, let us understand why Pinterest deserves your immediate attention. Pinterest was launched in January as an invite-only image-sharing social media platform. The exclusivity of the invite-based format created a buzz, and by , Pinterest had more than 10 million users.

Since then, the platform has grown by leaps and bounds, with million monthly active users currently present. This worldwide appeal ensures that you can reach a much larger audience located all across the globe. Moreover, the platform has managed to grab the attention of the male audience, even though most people perceive Pinterest as largely female-centric. Image via Pinterest. Pinterest is extremely popular among millennials, with 1 in 2 U. Moreover, 7 out of 10 U. This figure is much higher than that of Snapchat and Twitter.

It is also important to note that Pinterest users are more likely to belong to high-income and educated households.

Another important thing is to understand the mindset of Pinterest users. Instead, Pinterest users use the platform to discover new things. They are either planning to buy something or seeking new inspiration and ideas on a particular topic.

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Pinterest is often used as a visual search engine, with 2 billion searches occurring every month. It is also worth pointing out that Pinterest has an extremely high engagement rate. To put this into context, the average time spent per session on Pinterest is 14 minutes. Are you wondering if all these figures result in any actual increase in traffic? Pinterest is more than just your average image-sharing platform. It is a useful tool for increasing brand awareness and shaping purchase decisions.

Moreover, it can drive more traffic to your website than other social networking sites. Pinterest gets an edge over Facebook and other platforms due to its high-quality content. Most social networking sites are flooded with a plethora of mediocre content.

Three Core Pillars: Paid Social, Content + Email

Consequently, users find it hard to trust branded content on such platforms. On the contrary, Pinterest users value branded content and often get inspired by it. Therefore, if you want to expand your reach and attract more website visitors, having a Pinterest traffic strategy is mandatory. In the following sections, we will discuss everything about driving website traffic using Pinterest. We will take a look at how you can create attractive Pins and maximize your reach. We will also elaborate on how to engage with your followers and connect with influencers and industry experts.

The first step of your Pinterest traffic strategy is to create your profile. Even if you have a personal profile, you need to convert it into a business account. Ever since Pinterest rolled out business accounts in , brands have been leveraging it.

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Pinterest has an entirely different set of terms and conditions for business accounts. Additionally, business accounts get access to Pinterest Analytics, using which you can track your Pins and identify the best-performing ones. Business accounts on Pinterest also get to use educational resources, including webinars and workshops. Now that you want to create your business account on Pinterest let us understand how to do that. There are two ways of going about this — you can either create a business account from scratch or convert your current account into a business account.

On the next page, you can choose to continue with your existing profile or sign out to create a new account.

9 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2019

After that, you will go through a series of steps. You will have to specify the name and type of your business. Additionally, you have to provide a link to your website. You can also link the Pinterest business account with other profiles such as Instagram and YouTube. Do you want to make the most of business account? If yes, then it is recommended that you claim your website by following a few simple steps.

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Claiming your website on Pinterest gives you access to valuable website analytics. A globe icon also appears next to the website URL on your profile. Additionally, this step helps you to get attribution for your website content that already exists on Instagram. For instance, your profile picture appears next to Pins that come directly from your website. Doing so widens your reach and helps you connect with a broader audience.

What are the strategies and tools of interactive marketing campaigns?

It also allows you to monitor the performance of pinned content from your website. You can claim your website by adding a meta tag or HTML file to its source code. Check out the following instructions:. Similar to other social media platforms, verifying your Pinterest accounts acts as a stamp of approval.

It tells your audience that Pinterest recognizes you as a credible and trustworthy source of information. To get your account verified, you have to claim your website and other social media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, and even Etsy.

Additionally, you should complete your profile by filling all the required details. After that, you can connect with Pinterest using the Help page.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing on Pinterest

Once your account is approved, a red tick will appear on your profile picture. The profile picture is one of the essential parts of your Pinterest account. Unless you represent a famous brand, you should refrain from using brand logos or icons. Instead, it would be best if you used a real picture of yourself to give your account a personal touch. It is critical to remember that Pinterest is primarily a search engine. The rules of SEO apply to Pinterest, as well. Hence, we highly recommend that you seamlessly integrate keywords relevant to your business into your profile.

Start by adding keywords to your profile name. Adding keywords to your profile name ensures that your profile or Pins show up when someone enters a search query using the keyword. Since Pinterest has a 30 character limit on profile names, you should select the most relevant keyword. Just like your profile name, the profile description can also be optimized to give increased visibility to your account. In the previous example, observe how the blogger has also included a link to her blog. You can also do the same by adding the website URL in your profile description.

Making your website URL prominent can further encourage your followers to visit your site. If you are new on Pinterest, you might be struggling to build your audience. However, it is likely that your website already receives a significant number of visitors.

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You can encourage them to follow your Pinterest account by adding a Social Follow button and linking it to your profile. Doing so can drastically grow your number of followers in the initial stage. Image via Search Engine Journal. If your website is on WordPress , you can implement this by adding installing a plugin from this list. Having your content shared, in turn, will give visibility to your brand their followers and drive more traffic to your website. However, your blog readers will not take action unless you give them a simple option to do it.

You can encourage them by adding a Pin It button to the images in your blog posts. Whenever a reader hovers over the image using their mouse pointer, the Pin It button will appear. You can maximize the visibility of your Pinterest account by showcasing it on other social media platforms. If you already have a Facebook Business Page or Instagram profile, encourage your audience to check out your Pinterest account as well.

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Create a post specifically for this purpose or include a link in your bio. Apart from luring website visitors to follow your Pinterest account, you can also encourage them to share your blog posts in the profiles. This increases your reach and helps you connect with an audience that would have remained inaccessible otherwise. This requires you to paste a specific code in the section of your website where you want the button to appear.

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