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Albert Russo has managed to avoid the two pitfalls of the writer of sequels, duplication and inflation. She has gradually come to terms with her femininity and her desires, she no longer feels humiliated at being looked at in the streets, and, at the end of the novel, she is even able to fall in love. What Zapinette, and indeed all children, cannot easily get reconciled with is that the adults who love them also tend to love other people or things, which she invariably calls boring or disgusting.

drumgerttrapdue.tk And then, one day, she finds herself confronted to "her exact copy", in the shape of a boy from Staten Island, with whom she is going to discover the narcissistic pleasure of falling in love, which she called "narcisserie" a word that surely rhymes with "charcuterie". She then forgets about her worried mother in Paris and even gives up being her uncle's chaperone in the Big Apple, and indulges in the pleasure of loving and being loved, not only a boy but a whole family and a whole culture.

The Benevolent American in the Heart of Darkness.

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Mixed Blood or Your son Leopold is a non-stop, gripping read! One scene shows him metaphorically crucified at the hands of his never satisfied lover, who is also, by the way, everyone else's, Damiana Antoniades, the Great Whore of Bujumbura. Albert Russo raises then the ultimate question of the effect of colonialism, a political system in which humaneness love, tolerance and delight in natural beauty is eventually dissolved into the disheartening racial equality of greed, contempt and murder.

He is a handsome young man of extensive means, the only heir of a garment industry fortune, who has sailed smoothly through an easy life in an exclusive area of Paris, and, besides, can boast of two unmistakable assets on the threshold of adult life in bourgeois Paris: a lovely girl-friend and a degree in computer science. But one day, Frank finds some letters of his father's, written to a male lover, and an old photograph of his father and the man.

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Then, Frank's steady comfortable life topples down. The discovery takes place on page 1; Albert Russo then offers us a few lines of doubt and half-hearted hesitation, and straight after, launches into a cat and mouse game with his readers, often bordering on farce or caricature, but always subtly beside or beyond them. Trying to summarize the rest of the plot would be too long and no doubt pointless; two examples of unexpected and incongruous situations will suffice.

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He follows him into a Paris department store, where the two indulge in a mutual game of seduction, in which Eric, the older man, acts the sales clerk, piles trendy clothes onto Frank and leaves him with his business card and the bill to pay! Much later in the novel Frank's mother poisons her husband in a scene fraught with sensuousness and malaise around a feast of Mr Russo loves unsettling us, verging on the caricature or the burlesque, but never quite giving way to them. In the homorous affair which develops, Albert Russo manages to show us Frank's predicament.

The young man is neither gay nor straight but simply looking for someone other than the man or woman he holds in his arms, the father he could not love because of his mother's overbearingness or the mother he could not love either because loving her meant giving himself up. Your novel carried me along by the strength of its plot and characters. Incidents were resolved by the sense of inevitability that you managed to convey.

I wondered about the close of the novel, where the characters and outcome are dismissed in two brief sentences. And yet even that works. In short, the novel creates its own terms and then lives up to them". Albert Russo. Freed but broken. His is but an appearance of freedom, for the society he now faces is fraught with malice and prejudice.

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Can a homosexual ever redeem himself? In spite of the new laws, recognizing the basic rights of gays and lesbians in France, the age-old debate between the implicit legitimacy of heterosexuality and the socially fuzzy status of the homosexual, goes on. The reactions may be subtler in certain quarters, yet brutality is never far away and gay bashers are on the prowl, and not only in the provinces. Then too, there are some disturbing statistics: four times as many gay adolescents attempt suicide as young heterosexuals.

There will always be, it seems, a certain malaise, if not outright intolerance, within the family, in schools, as well as at the workplace, towards homosexuals, especially if they have had the courage of coming out.

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One cannot cancel two thousand years of religious taboo in one or even two generations. This change of setting is like a survival kit. In his new surroundings, he will breathe a different air, make new discoveries, face new people, learn to speak another language. All this will help put some balm over his wounds, if not regenerate him.

This is not to say that his pain has been erased, its memory will always linger in the back of his mind, but his new Roman preoccupations will act as a sort of catharsis. He is thrust upon the proscenium of Italian life, when not upon the stage itself, with the feeling that he can be part of that long and uninterrupted history which stretches from Petronius to Fellini and now to Roberto Begnini.

The erotic romps which Albert Russo describes with a rare verve and indeed voltairian buoyancy, using a language at once raw and sensual, never vulgar, inflame the senses of his protagonists, reigniting dormant passions while at the same time, turning around the tables and casting new roles.

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The magic of love has played once again havoc with the fate of these men, breaking the harmony of their much admired and sometimes envied setup. Then the question arises as to the durability of happiness. Caen, B. Comment appeler alors ce type de livre?


Un autre exemple encore plus clair est Le Recueil de plusieurs chansons nouvelles Lyon, s. Je cite comme exemple la chanson de f. Nous en trouverons un bel exemple dans les Chansons nouvelles fort amoureuses, plaisantes et recreatives sur plusieurs beaux et divers chants Lyon, Benoist Rigaud, Iuvenci, Coelii Sedulii, Aratoris sacra poesis.

Many were remade. And remade. Deux hommes identiques. Un de mes livres anciens favoris est Thuys der fortunen ende dat huys der doot [La maison de fortune et la maison de la mort] 4. Un canard en train de plonger. Diderot et Isabelle Vouilloux conservatrice du fonds ancien, Bibl.

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Dans le cas de ce recueil, la question se pose des buts de sa constitution. Il a ainsi mis en contraste deux exemples. Elle venait de la veuve de Hyman Reissler, un fabricant de boutons, musicien amateur et fervent collectionneur de livres anciens. Quelle est la place du livre rare dans votre institution? Pouvez-vous nous expliquer la provenance des livres de votre fonds?

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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For Soliman also believes in the power of books to change the course of a life - entrusting his passeurs with the task of giving each book to the person who needs it most - and he thinks Juliette is perfect for the job. I am far from the core of an onion. The Austrian Chancellor realizes too late that he has wandered into a trap, as Hitler delivers the ultimatum that will lay the groundwork for Germany's annexation of Austria. We were so happy to be together that he put the two of us up in his tiny hut-like abode for several days. Poulenc reveals himself, converses and rubs shoulders with some great names of his century, suffers, enthuses When it appeared in , this work revolutionised our understanding of the composer.

But what I do know - what leaps from the page - is that he has tremendous courage. Navigation For I put it to you that there are two entirely different poets at work here, a French-language one and an English-language one, and they are both named Albert Russo. Published by Hachette, Paris About this Item: Hachette, Paris, Couverture souple. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Condition: Very Good. Bound in blue cloth, gilt lettering and pictures on cover and spine; small ding in spine cloth.

More information about this seller Contact this seller From: Librairie Guimard Nantes, France. Published by Armory, New York About this Item: Armory, New York, Original Wraps.

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Condition: Near Fine. First edition. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston First Edition; First Printing. Very Good in boards. Light wear to back panel and heel of spine.

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Published by Noalhat-Fournier About this Item: Noalhat-Fournier, Published by Editions M. Genin, Paris About this Item: Editions M. Genin, Paris, An ex-library copy bound in heavy green cloth with the original pictorial front cover of the paperback retained as an on-lay to the front cover cloth.