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For one High Priest, the desire for vengeance is personal. Ria must unravel the mysteries of her power to find acceptance in a world where her abilities are considered a taint. Is the strange gift of magic an aberration that should be destroyed or something far more, related to the skills held by the Elementals who rule Myrrah? The sequel to Born of Water, Rule of Fire is the second book in the epic fantasy trilogy, the Rise of the Fifth Order full of elemental magic and epic fantasy adventure. Return to the world of Myrrah ruled by the Church of Four Orders.

Mary knows how to thrive on the street. She makes it her mission to keep other kids away from everyday monsters. Unless she can stop the virus and save her friends, the new monster in town might just be her. More than anything, eighteen-year-old Corrina wants Dylan to love her as much as her parents loved each other. But when a new virus unleashes violence that devastates their neighborhood, Dylan is kidnapped and Corrina uncovers a terrible secret. But when Dylan discovers what she's become, will he still love her? Book 1 of The Way to Freedom series.

Every ten years the Imperium Provosts travel the provinces of the Great Suene Empire and take every second born child as the property of the Emperor. His Due for their continued protection.

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No Yes. Follow Catherine on Twitter. For me, this is where the characters really bed in and we get to know more about this intriguing bunch. Thanks for letting me borrow your place today, Gwen. My wife. Which would you choose?

Kalena, taken from her family and friends finds herself alone and scared in the imperial Stronghold of Darkon. And when she cries out to the darkness for help, Kalena is shocked when it answers her back. If you found out that you were different from everyone else, what would you do? The ancient enemy has returned and betrayal is thick in the air.

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Eight years after Kalena became a Flyer, she is being sent North with her wing to garrison the mountainous Northern Pass. They are the first line of defense against unknown enemy numbers. But what she encounters there, no one could have foreseen and is more dangerous than what the Empire faces to the North. A serial Thriller of Arcane and Eldritch Horror novella. Something is lurking in the cold, black waters surrounding Mossley Island. An arcane and eldritch horror.

source site Craving the flesh — and perhaps the very souls — of all who live there. As those who so valiantly defended the island against its last invasion have succumbed to age. Died off. Allowing it to fade from secret history into half-forgotten myth. It wants the island and this time… Its evil intentions will not be denied. The first eerie chapter in a suspense-filled seven-part serial of buried secrets, dark places and the occult follows Dawn, a teenager from the mainland, as she accompanies her wayward father back to his hometown and the family he abandoned before she was born.

But not everyone welcomes her with open arms. When Brogio must turn Snow, a beautiful white husky, in order to save the dog, a series of events are unleashed that reveal a sinister plot against the father of all vampires. Called an "Exquisite Vampire Novel like nothing you've ever read before" filled with amazing twists, turns, suspense, excitement, mystery, romance and wonder!

Carol is offering Season 2 of her Vampire Romance series, but when you get it free, there is a link inside to get Season 1 free too!

J.G. Cressey Star Splinter Fractured Space 1 Part 01 Audiobook

A fledgling vampire must use her ability to see ghosts to hunt down a savage flesh-eater. Those books that draw you in immediately and keep you hanging onto the edge of your seat are the ones we all love right? Well this is definitely one where you will find yourself so close to the edge you almost fall off. Talk about nail biting, heart racing and down-right worrisome! This is one heck of a thrill ride!

I would have to recommend this book to every single paranormal and fantasy lover out there. And what an angle that is!!! Even though there is a lot of horror and suspense, it is by no means too gory to read, and I love gory. This book is fantastic and I am dieing to read the next one. Jerusa Phoenix has always been close to death — and not just because of the congenital heart defect she's bore since birth. Jerusa can see the lingering spirits of the dead.

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She is bright and beautiful, but her sickness, along with her otherworldly gift, has made her an outcast. When she ventures out one night, despite the warnings of her best friend, Alicia who happens to be a ghost , and stumbles upon a group of vampires, a battle rages between immortals over Jerusa. She is transformed into a vampire, and is surprised to find that she enjoys it.

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For the first time in her life she doesn't feel sick. But every light casts a shadow, and from the ashes of the battle arises a creature of incredible destructive potential—a savage flesh-eater whose very existence violates the most ancient of vampire laws.

Now Jerusa must join with the other vampires and use her ghostly power to hunt down the savage beast before he can wreak havoc on the town and make others like himself. Jerusa has never been so powerful, but will she be able to find the savage before he attracts the attention of the rulers of the vampire race and bring their wrath down upon them all?

Jerusa Phoenix must face the judgment of the Stewards and earn her right to immortality. I absolutely loved the first book and was looking forward to reading the second one. The first one had quite an intriguing plot but the second one blew it out of the water. The plot is beyond amazing, with so many twists and turns that it was a thrill to read it all.

It is an absolute must read for any lover of the paranormal. It has a new take on vampires and so far probably one of my favorite ones to date.

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Since becoming a vampire, Jerusa Phoenix has been dreading the day that she must go before the Stewards of Life to be judged. Then comes the night she returns home to find a pair of Hunters waiting for her. Jerusa and her coven are whisked away to meet with the Stewards, and she cannot rely on her maker, Silvanus, to save her this time. Silvanus has been gone for months, searching for the truth of who he really is. The Stewards hold only two attributes worthy of immortality: beauty and power.

Jerusa is strong and fast, far more than any fledgling, but the scar that remains on her chest from her heart transplant as a human will almost surely condemn her to death. Jerusa has one hope. She is the only vampire who can see the spirits of the dead. She has been warned to keep this gift secret from the Stewards, but what choice does she have? Something is amiss. A new enemy has risen from the ashes of the mountain prison where Silvanus was kept.

Rumors abound of a growing army of savages. Elfrida Goto was expecting a holiday on Ganymede. Not a vermin hunt. The colony is plagued by rogue genetically engineered critters, and the newly-minted Space Corps agents are expected to pitch in. Elfrida and her best friend take up the challenge, but the hunt turns into a nightmarish ordeal when they get lost in the subterranean caverns.

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Asteroid squatters. A genocidal enemy. Saving lives has just been added to her job description….

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Evicting people from their homes is a crappy job, but Elfrida Goto knows that somebody has to do it. If she can't evict the squatters from asteroid Galapagos, it'll further delay a project she cares deeply about: terraforming Venus. Unfortunately, Elfrida's remote telepresence robot isn't cooperating, and neither are the asteroid's inhabitants.

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When an enemy fleet attacks her home base and heads straight for Galapagos, her mission changes in a hurry. Teaming up with a wannabe Star Force pilot, Elfrida hits on a plan to save the squatters. If she survives long enough to put it into practice, she'll go up against the most dangerous enemy humanity has ever known….

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The Galapagos Incident is the first installment in The Solarian War Saga, a series of suspenseful space operas with a strong comedic edge. If you like fast-paced space thrillers, geeky references, and books that keep you thinking, then you'll love Felix R. Savage's extraordinary look into our interplanetary future. Readers of Iain M. Should the dark entity walk upon the earth he will use The Eye of Hastur to plunge all of mankind into a horrible madness.

Only you have the power to find the cult and stop The Yellow King. Will you go on this adventure and be a hero, will you hold onto your sanity, or will you let the world burn? The choice is yours because you make your fate.